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Welcome to the archive! Here you will find all posts neatly ordered based on their publishing date.

☕ Generating L-systems

How to generate an L-system using basic sequential methods.

☕ A Recursive Decent into Text Adventures

How simple text adventures can make good use of parsing techniques.

☕ Tips 'n Tricks for Emulating CHIP-8

Some notes on writing your first emulator, and what to look out for.

☕ Starting the Floppy Challenge

The beginning of a long journey, where I'll be creating software for 242 individual floppies.

☕ Tiled maps on the Game Boy Advance

A simple tool to make your own GBA maps

☕ Butter, Cheese and Recursion

An introduction to the concept of recursion

☕ Butter, Cheese and Depth-first search

An introduction to the concept of DFS

☕ Stacking Sand with Bill Bigsby

Tetris, but with capitalism.