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Hello! My name is Luc and I am a Software Engineer. This site is a place for me to centralize access to my personal and professional projects and to write about anything I fancy.

I used to teach students as a Teaching Assistant for the University of Groningen until I finished my MSc in 2020. I have taught a diverse range of subjects in Computing Science, from Advanced Object Oriented Programming to Software Startups and Requirements Engineering.

What I do

Computer Scientists are blessed with the fact that we can wiggle ourselves into any field or subject that peeks our interest. Smart algorithms and computational models can describe anything from the likelihood of enjoying a movie to the collision of galaxies between millions of stars. I am no different, and have worked on things such as:

…and more. If you have a problem you need to get solved, then please do not hesitate to get in contact! Simply want to read about some of the things I do? Then the blog and projects page should be a good place to start.