On this page I have featured some of my personal projects for easy access by anyone who is interested. I tend to write cross-platform, open-source solutions, and do my best to provide clear documentation whenever applicable. If anything does not work, feel free to create an issue on the linked Git page or to send me a message directly.


Floppy Challenge

Programming challenge to create enough software to fill 242 individual 3.5" floppies.

🔗 You can find it here!


Simple tool for converting Tiled map data to a format better-suited for the Game Boy Advance.

🔗 You can find it here!

Stacking Sand with Bill Bigsby

A simple C++ Tetris game where different blocks react to eachother and transform. Contains a simple story as well.

🔗 You can find it here!

Interested in more? You can find it on my Github page.