Welcome to the Cozy Coding blog ♥️.

During my teaching years, I tried to make an effort to rekindle some of the fun others might have lost on their journey in becoming a software engineer. Programming is serious business, and should be treated as such. However, it is also cool, funny, and endlessly enjoyable.

This blog tries to focus on the latter, whilst showing that fun does not mean carelessness and ugly code. On the contrary, the most fun is had when your code is clean, neat, and adorably short.

The Latest

☕ Tips 'n Tricks for Emulating CHIP-8

Some notes on writing your first emulator, and what to look out for.

☕ Starting the Floppy Challenge

The beginning of a long journey, where I'll be creating software for 242 individual floppies.

☕ Tiled maps on the Game Boy Advance

A simple tool to make your own GBA maps

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